Back to the future: the green example of Singapore

Right, so I have been told that I write too much and that nobody actually reads everything (I do apologize, but this blog is going to serve as a memory for me so I don’t want to overlook the details) so I thought for once I’d do a more visual article.

As it happens, Singapore has a lot to offer to your keen eyes, with its futuristic buildings skyline, its numerous and beautiful parks and gardens, its impressive bay and its ethnical and authentic neighbourhoods. Continue reading Back to the future: the green example of Singapore


The new kid on the block

After three weeks back home in France and gaining the unavoidable three kilos on the hips (what can I say, I missed wine and cheese too much), I am back in Asia! I flew in to Bangkok, the most modern South Asian city I have seen so far, and spent three days there.

I liked Bangkok. It’s big, too big, but it has got everything: it’s Asian crazy (noisy, invaded with tuk-tuks and massage salons, lots of chicken-based street food and more temples than there are schools) yet still kind of Occidentalised, which means there is convenience!! The stores 7-11 are everywhere, so are good hostels and restaurants. It feels good to have some comfort, I am not going to lie. Continue reading The new kid on the block

The smiling land

Sorry, guys, I haven’t posted anything in a while. I have to say, I was pretty busy enjoying this amazing country that is Laos. And then I went back home for a while, to attend a wedding in my family (the poor bastards, they left us too soon), and accessorily, as the good citizen that I am, to make sure the Nazis don’t take over the French government through the presidential elections. I am now in Myanmar which is nice, but I will tell you about it in another article. Right now, let’s talk about Laos, which is in my opinion the best country in South East Asia. Continue reading The smiling land

No money no honey

Funny how the head works sometimes enit? Like, if you are angry at your man, really angry, it doesn’t really matter what he does or says, you will stay angry at him for a while. It’s kind of what happened between me and Vietnam. The beginning was so fucked up than there was no fixing the relationship from then onwards. I know it’s entirely psychological, but the minute I crossed over the border to Cambodia, the bad mood disappeared, and I was feeling like a bubbly, excited, amazed, enthusiastic traveller again. I even had the impression the people in the office that said “Cambodia” were all of a sudden smilier, nicer, more decent than the people in the office just next door that said “Vietnam”. Continue reading No money no honey

5 reasons why I never want to set foot in Vietnam again

Okay, so! Before I start yet another rant against this stupid, stupid country, let me try to first come up with a few positives (nothing and nobody is ever fully bad).

I did really like Hoi An, on the coast about half way between Hanoi and Saigon. The old town is a jewel, so beautiful, very flowery and with cute houses painted mostly in a warm yellow colour. I was lucky to be there during the full moon festival, which lasts two days: they light up lanterns all over the city and let them float on the river, there are some concerts (Vietnamese “music”/noise though, don’t expect anything too melodious) and tons of street food markets. Awesome. Hoi An’s specialty is the tailors, you find them everywhere. For a really cheap price, I got myself two unique dresses, custom-made for me. Hoi An was also nice because we could at last get some rest, chill on a beach and enjoy some sun, and we saw again our French friends who we met in Ninh Binh AND Nico the Québécois. Continue reading 5 reasons why I never want to set foot in Vietnam again

Go To Vietnam they say… It will be fun they say…

Remember how amazed I was with the Taiwanese people and how I felt I should give it back to the universe to keep my good karma going? Well, apparently I didn’t give it back enough and Vietnam is now making me pay for it. I really, really, REALLY, am trying to stay positive here, I know that bad experiences are part of travelling and help you grow as a person… but seriously, even to Bob who is a freaking hippie this is getting too much, so imagine how I, the complaining Frenchie, feel right now. Continue reading Go To Vietnam they say… It will be fun they say…

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